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Archive for February, 2011


Basic photography microcourse

On February the 12th, there took place in Pistoia the first Photoexperience basic photography microcourse.
We met the participants in a plain location transformed into an effective photographic set.
The first part of the event was dedicated to the basic concepts of photography, from the elements of the camera to the key parameters that a photographer normally manages.
We believe that it is fundamental to understand the basic mechanisms that lead to making photos, in order to give full rein to our own creative capacities.
Then we had the chance to put in practise the concepts just dealt.
In the simple set, we started shooting and trying different light and camera settings. The aim was to take advantage of the studio environment.
The experience was really interesting and we’re surely going to retake it in other cities.
We will post future events on this website.


Free digital photography microcourse

On February the 12th 2011, the Photoexperience team will host a free informal digital photography course for beginners in Pistoia. The course will be in italian only.

A limited number of participants is allowed.

Contact us at