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Archive for July, 2011


Val d’Orcia and its beauties

Last weekend there took place the foretold Photoexperience in Val d’Orcia.
We met on Saturday in Pienza which was the starting place of our explorations. During the afternoon briefing we started to feel the places where we were ready to go. We introduced each other and we exchanged advices on which lens was the most suitable for our tour.
The fear of the rain that welcomed us when arriving at Pienza quickly disappeared as soon as we went out for our explorations.
The cloudy afternoon sky let us shoot some dramatic photos with the help of the proper filters.
Little by little, we explored the most suggestive places in the countryside shooting some of the best Val d’Orcia’s icons and ending the shooting session in Montepulciano with some great street shots. All this was done taking the right time for the best framing and waiting for the right moment to shoot.
In the evening we had dinner together while exchanging impressions on the present day and asking for some news on the next one.
On Sunday we woke up at dawn and went to shoot. We went for classic Val d’Orcia’s icons like the Vitaleta’s chapel, some wonderful places famous for being present in the “Gladiator” movie and we admired in astonishment sunflowers fields dancing with field of wheat.
Time went by quickly and at lunch time we waved goodbye to each others not before promising to meet again at the next Photoexperience.
We appreciated the post on his personal blog Pegaphoto of one of the participants who wanted to tell the Photoexperience he had with us.