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Tracking Galgano (November 26/27th 2011)

The next Photoexperience will bring us to San Galgano, a magic place full of mystery and charm.

We will retrace the places that marked Galgano Guidotti’s life and death, a mystic character in the Italian Middle Ages. San Galgano’s abbey, a huge monument made to remember and glorify the mysterious character, will be the central place of our journey.

Montesiepi chapel, our next stage, is the place where we can find the “sword in the stone”, a touchable memory of Galgano’s conversion and place of his hermitage.
Our journey will come to an end, by going back in time, with a visit to Chiusdino, the characteristic little village where our knight was born.
As soon as we meet, we could start to learn the story of our character, and approach the photographic cues we are going to discover on the next day.
There are many photographic tests we can face during this journey:

  • to catch the abbey’s charm by taking advantage of the atmosphere and light at dawn, right behind the great windows as long as the sun rises
  • to experiment in framing the twists and the plays of architectural elements of the ancient building
  • to try to create a real back-in-time reportage by documenting Galgano’s story, thanks to the marks left on the territory
  • to be confronted with the other partecipants and to learn from the others’ visions
  • to try landscape, architectonic and “street” photography

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