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Who we are

Photoexperience is group of people fond of photography that organizes photographic events. Anyone who is interested in discovering  routes in Tuscany, where history, nature and culture cross one another, can join in.

PhotoExperience‘ events are created to develop, in small groups, your own passion and photographic creativity. They are an opportunity of growth and in-depth exploration suitable both to beginners and experts.

Photoexperience’s founders:

Andrea – Art Director:
I have been fond of photography for many years; I love this form of art which combines sensitivity, search of beauty with technology.
I could devote myself to this passion, by developing my own sensitivity and feeding my curiosity in all the travels I have done. The discovery of new places and cultures soon linked with the passion for photography: the camera became the eye through which, I could discover and tell other people about the magic places of our planet.
The exciting search for beauty also found an experimenting path in women’s portayal. In this field, I had the chance to learn new things in seeing many famous photographers at work, in seminars and workshops. I tried to seize their way to intend creativity and the search for beauty. My portfolio

Leonardo – Visual Designer:
I started to be interested in photography some years ago when I began to travel, but the passion was born as soon as digital photography came to life. I was fond of its potientials together with the use of computers. I have, ever since, been fascinated by the infinitely small and the infinitely great and macros and panoramas, in particular, are the kind of photographies I like most. This peculiar passion of mine is above all linked to Fractal Art, images, based on mathematical formulas made by computers. For some years, I have a personal account on DeviantArt where I post my fractal works: The Slider on DeviantArt

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