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Who can participate in Photoexperience’s events?

To take part to the Photoexperiences no particular requirement is needed. Everyone who is interested in photography, meant as an emotional experience, can participate.

How often are Photoexperience’s events held?

The events are currently held during the whole year, getting advantage of the beautiful photographic scenery that comes to life in Tuscany in each Season. You can find all the news on future events on the website

Where do the Photoexperience’s events take place?

The events mainly take place in Tuscany, discovering the most interesting photogenic corners of this wonderful region and searching for creative cues that come to life from ideas developed by the Photoexperience’s team.

How much do I pay to join in?

Costs will vary according to the kind and length of the event. Each event can have different length and it can provide accommodation or different services that will change the final cost.

Shall I pay for a membership?

No membership is required to participate in the Photoexperience’s events.

Shall I be an expert photographer?

You don’t have to be an expert photographer. Photoexperience’s events are typically organized so that the experience can be nice and profitable both for skilled photographers and for those people who are starting to get in touch with photography. The groups attending the workshop are always small and the people are followed up by two staff persons, one dedicated to the more experts and the other one caring for the less skilled ones.

May I come to a PhotoExperience with other people not thoroughly interested in the photographic aspect?

Some events, especially the ones which last more than a single day, can be conceived to let people not interested in the photographic aspect to join in as well. In some Photoexperiences, a specific person will take care of those people making different and interesting activities.

Which is the required photo equipment?

To get the best from the photographic workshop Photoexperience a camera is strongly recommended. It is up to everyone to choose a small simple compact camera or a more complex reflex as well.

Is some trasnport provided?

A transport will be available for some events, for all the others it is required that everyone has his own car.


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