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Tracking Galgano

The car silently moves on the deserted road; the hypnotic background medieval music leads us to our destination, still hidden in the darkness of the night. It’s very early in the morning but we are excited and happy to be part of something that seemed to be just nice idea.

When we arrive, the huge walls of the abbey of San Galgano are hardly visible in the darkness.At dawning we are already inside the abbey, ready to welcome the new borning day in this mystic and ancient place.

The emotion almost overwhelms us and we spend several minutes in taking shots, silently in this charming place, that little by little as the sun rises appears in front of us.

We are alone, there are only the birds dwelling here ever since, the arches and the vaults of the abbey and the ghosts of all those who lived here centuries and millennia ago.

This involving photographic experience begins this way, tracking Galgano, a mystic character of our Middle Ages. A man who inspired and encouraged the lives of many people who lived here many years in the past.

The abbey of San Galgano was the central point of our day; we took pictures at night till dawn, exploring it inside and its surroundings.

The traces of the saint knight lead us to the nearby chapel of Montesiepi, where we can find the testimony of his legend: the famous sword in the stone, transfigured in a cross, sign of redemption.

After a short rest for breakfast at Monticiano, our last stage ending our journey is Chiusdino, Galgano’s home town.

By walking through the ancient streets we come to visit the house were he was born and the church where his head is still displayed as a relic.

In the end, we come to say goodbye in front of a good dish of local food while commenting the experience we have been through and looking forward for the next ones!